Fayce Cosmetics

Ultimate Skincare Set

£84.80 £106

Worth £106, save £21.20!

The ultimate skincare set for daily care whilst also including our 24K Gold Fayce Mask for some weekly self-care. This skincare set will leave your face feeling intensely hydrated.

Fayce Cool Cleanser: Rejuvenate, hydrate and cleanse your skin with our gentle yet effective cleanser.

Fayce Balance Tonic: Balance and hydrate your skin with this refreshing tonic.

Fayce Brighten & Boost Serum: Supercharge your skin with an instant glow using this powerful serum filled with natural extracts which leave your skin feeling super healthy.

24K Gold Fayce Mask: Relax and unwind mind and body with the calming blend of 24K gold particles, natural extracts and hyaluronic acid for glowing, nourished and firmer skin.

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